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Machine Cutting Oil - 1 Litre Machine Cutting Oil - 1 Litre
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Machine Cutting Oil - 5 Litre Machine Cutting Oil - 5 Litre
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Jamec Pem oils are quality, mineral based oils designed to suit specific applications. All oils meet ISO standards.


  • Ideal for machining, milling, grinding and drilling, check owners manual for recommended oil grade
  • A general-purpose EP mineral soluble cutting oil suitable for machining, milling, grounding and drilling
  • Free from chlorine, nitrite, cobalt and boron
  • Formulated using a non-silicone, non-ionic, mineral hydrocarbon based foam control additive
  • Provides excellent cooling, lubrication and corrosion protection
  • Inbuilt protection against bacteria
  • Superior anti-corrosive properties that can be used as temporary rust protection for mild steels

Product Specifications

SKU No. Viscosity Capacity 
06.2238 Viscosity varied by dilution 1 litre
06.2239 Viscosity varied by dilution 5 litre



SKU 06.2238M

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