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Flexible and able to grip to most smooth surfaces, the new range of Flexgrip Trays are perfect for handling tools and small parts. The lightweight silicone material means it can be put pretty much anywhere and won't scratch delicate surfaces. They’re also heat resistant up to 200°C, making them it’s perfect for plumbers, electricians, painters and other trade professionals.

  • Grips to most cleaned smooth, flat or curved surfaces
  • Protects delicate surfaces from scratches
  • Keeps tools and small parts together while working in awkward positions
  • Includes integrated tool rests and ruler
  • Tray camber separates liquids and parts for easy handling
  • Oil, petrol, diesel, thinner and acetone resistant
  • Indirect heat resistance of up to 200°C
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Integrated hanging loop
  • Food grade silicone


  • Ideal for small parts and painting
  • 4 small and 4 medium sized compartments
Dimensions: 290L x 140W x 25H mm
Weight: 340 g


  • Ideal for small parts and tool handling
  • 3 small and 4 medium sized compartments

Dimensions: 290L x 210W x 25H mm
Weight: 420 g


  • Ideal for larger tools
  • 4 small, 2 medium and 4 large sized compartments
Dimensions: 552L x 300W x 25H mm
Weight: 1035 g